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We are Pilates Professionals, here to guide you through getting the most from your Pilates practice.

Pilates 44 Studio


 Pilates 44 is Bathurst's first and only fully equipped Pilates Studio. We are RTO Government Certified Pilates Professionals, educated through Australian gov. registered training organisation  Polestar Education and Pilates Institute of Australasia. Using imagination and creativity, we teach movement progressions that promote resilience, self efficiency and autonomy, trust in your own capabilities, which in turn creates confidence, positive emotions and experiences associated within movement. Our Studio is a haven. Somewhere to escape into a different world of alluring calming serenity. The tranquillity of this space has been designed with your needs in mind allowing for a peaceful centered experience during each session. Located centrally in our beautiful town with easy access to parking surrounded by beautiful artisan shops and parks. ​ 



-Create a movement community through inspiration

-Guide you to autonomy, confidence & self efficiency 

-Be recognized for our empathy

-Be known for our professionalism

-Be known for our diversity and depth of knowledge

-Be renowned for our  expertise in our field

Joining Pilates 44 Studio is by Appointment Only This allows you continuity and the opportunity to grow your skills within your movement practice. It also allows for intimate knowledge of your specific needs for modifications to support injury recovery and/or pain management. We welcome NDIS clients and our membership with Fitness Australia can allow eligible clients to claim their sessions through participating Private Health Funds Through our creativity and passion for the practice of Pilates we create a community where individuals share a feeling, quality and experience within movement. We guide our clients to explore new connections with their bodies and minds while finding a greater level of self-trust, movement resiliency, and overall quality of life.