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Pink Ribbon Program Classes for Breast Cancer Survivorship.

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​The Pink Ribbon Program was developed by a survivor for survivors. It is a post operative, Pilates based, recovery program. The 8 week program is comprised of two 30 minute sessions a week, with a limit of 4 participants per 8 week block. This program is designed to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients aiding to help regain mobility, and improve strength and posture. Using the principles of the Pilates method, our training in Pilates along with our knowledge of biomechanics, we teach movement that focuses on stretching and strengthening; shoulder, chest and back muscles allowing you to improve range of motion and strength to those areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

There is also a focus around building core strength using breath. You are therefore able to better support your upper body strength, particularly if your abdominal muscles were compromised in relation to reconstruction surgery.

Exercise post cancer has been shown to greatly improve quality of life and this program is often the first step towards returning to normal exercise.

  • Can help to regain strength and mobility in affected shoulder and arm

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Improves functional ability

  • Assists in posture

  • Improves energy

All Pink Ribbon Program instructors are Certified to teach the Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise protocol's. The program works in conjunction with your healthcare providers recommendations. It may also be used in conjunction with or as a follow up to any prescribed physical therapy.

8 Week Program

2 x 30 minute sessions a week in a semi private setting. Fixed day and time.

COST: $440 (incl GST)


Participants will need to provide medical clearance before booking in and commencing.