Keeping our Studio Covid Safe

By reading this you agree to observe our Studio terms and conditions and policies at all times. Conditions of entry to the Studio are that you have read and agree with this policy.


Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell.

Sanitize hands before getting on equipment and after.

Maintain social distancing. 1.5m. Equipment is set up for this.


Bring your own small props and mats and your Pilates socks.

Arrive no more than 5 mins before class. Please don't hang around after.



The Studio will keep up to date on directions from the Department of Health and your State/Territory governments. Due to this please be aware that the below conditions are subject to change.   


  1. Clients will be temperature tested using a non touch thermometer on entry to the Studio. Twice at the temple area of the head. Anything over 37.5 you will be asked to seek medical advice and will not be permitted in to the Studio.

  2. If you are unwell for any reason do not come in to class. Instead seek medical advice.


   3.  Space of 1.5 metres is to be adhered to.​

   4. Hand sanitiser is supplied for all staff and clients. Clients must sanitise hands upon entry to the studio and before exiting the         premises. As well as prior to use of any equipment. Suitable Pilates grip socks must be worn at all times within the Studio  and on the equipment.

   5.Where possible please come straight to your class from your home.

   6. As the Studio has been slightly redesigned you will need to be dressed for your class before attending.

   7. To limit possible cross contamination we ask that clients limit excess clothing and unnecessary baggage being brought in to  the Studio. 

   8. An area is provided just inside the entry to place shoes .We recommend wearing shoes that are easily slipped off.

   9. There are baskets provided to place keys, wallets  and small outer garments in to

  10.Clients will be required to provide towels to place on equipment.

  11.The Studio door will be locked at the beginning of class. Classes will start on time and run for 50 minutes in order to                        minimize numbers in the Studio at any one point as well as to ensure enough time between classes for disinfecting of high            touch surfaces and any equipment.

  12.We are removing the use of our small props from all classes and ask that clients bring their own. This is part of our back to             work hygiene policy to help reduce possible community spread of Covid-19. FOLLOW THIS LINK to see what you will need  to bring with you to class.

  13.Centre facilities. Where possible try to lesson the need to use the centre facilities before or after your class.

  14.Your instructor has completed the required online training from COVID-19 infection control.

  15.Air conditioning will be adjusted where necessary for more fresh air.

  16.Handshaking or other physical greetings are discouraged.

We reserve the right to change, update or reissue these Terms and Conditions at any time.  Any such changes will be posted to our Website and you agree to be bound by such changes.  


All clients require an induction in to the Studio from 20 July, 2020.

By reading this you agree to observe our Studio terms and conditions and policies at all times.


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