Pre & Post Natal Pilates;

Pilates strengthens the body & the mind.

Pilates 44 Studio












Pilates 44 Studio runs workshops for Pre and Post Natal throughout the year. Pilates embodies a holistic approach to wellness. Pilates breathing with a clear focus on connecting the movement to the breath is extremely centering and grounding. 


Regular Pilates practice teaches you to listen to your body. Through centering and grounding you become more connected to your body. Such a wonderful opportunity to reflect and go into yourself and really listen to your intuition. 

Our Pilates teachers are educated in working with the pregnant  body's needs along with specific pelvic floor health through pregnancy, birth and post birth. Modification's can be made on an individual basis no matter what trimester you are currently in.

You will learn how breath can both strengthen and teach the pelvic floor to relax. Gentle movement to mobilize joints along with keeping them strong. Posture is a big focus within classes to assist with back pain as the body changes. You will be taught movement and awareness to take away from your sessions into your daily practice.


Includes Nutrition. Ppelvic floor health and a gentle movement practice.

COST: $120 (incl GST)


Participants will need to provide medical clearance before booking in and commencing.