Our Studio has a unique focus on Women's Health around the stages of peri, during and post menopause and breast cancer rehabilitation. We love to work with clients recovering from mild to severe injuries, spinal conditions, neurological and autoimmune conditions, lack of mobility, and those managing persistent pain. 

We have a strong emphasis on autonomy and empowerment. We are not here to fix you but rather to guide you through movement and teach you how to bring movement to your daily life and even manage pain through movement. We welcome NDIS clients and our membership with Fitness Australia can allow eligible clients to claim their sessions through participating Private Health Funds. 


We teach movement progressions that promote graded exposure, resilience, trust and confidence. Positive emotions and curiosity. Incorporating classical and contemporary Pilates with functional movements to improve motor control, balance, cognition and proprioception as well as strength. All of our sessions are in clinical settings Semi Private (1.4) or Private (1.1).

Please read our  General and Covid-19 policies