Jodie Carter

I’ve personally known Simmone for over 40 years and seen first hand her personal growth in growing her studio, she’s a true professional and it shows within the space she’s created. Simmone has been warm, kind, experienced and compassionate to me while pushing me to get my best result. I couldn’t recommend Pilates 44 more. I deal with high levels of pain caused by Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Intercostal Neuralgia (neuropathic pain in the intercostal nerves)  along with hip pain from  2 failed hip surgeries, achilles tendonitis and diabetic neuropathy. All of which has also had an on-flow effect on my posture, balance, motor control and proprioception, not to mention confidence. Since commencing 1:1 Pilates sessions approx 4 months ago once a week, I feel I have achieved a overall reduction in constant pain down both my legs by 25%. I’ve noticed that my balance has improved before Pilates my mood had been low and I’ve been quite depressed. After each session I have increased energy levels and a positive mood which is reflecting in how I feel about myself and reducing the fear I had of of movement


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