General Studio Policy


We are a boutique Studio with a focus on quality over quantity and therefore do not offer bookings online. Joining Pilates 44 Studio is by Appointment Only  This allows you continuity and the opportunity to grow your skills within your movement practice. Joining our Studio begins with getting to know you and your specific needs.


Client Health and Participation form.

Upon booking in your will be sent our Client Health History, Client Details and Participation forms. This will need to be filled in an returned to the Studio prior to coming in for your Initial Assessment.

Fitness Assessment and Consultation.

Joining our Studio begins with getting to know you. If you are coming into the Studio for the first time with us you will need to book in for an initial consultation and fitness assessment before commencing any classes.  Why is this necessary? We work within small sessions from Studio 1.1, to semi private equipment based  session with 3 clients or our mat and small props with 4 clients.  We also work alongside other allied health practitioners and we may refer you to one of these during your consultation as part of your whole body care.

 Knowing your specific needs, past and current injury and how your body moves are all building blocks within our unique program design. When you come into our Studio you are not just another number.


Our sessions run on school terms. Our semi private sessions are capped at 3 in equipment based lessons and 4 in mat based lessons. Current Studio clients will be automatically booked into the following term. Clients cannot book ahead of a term. The way to secure the following term is to make payment by the each running term when invoices are sent out. Should payment not be received by the assigned date then those places will be made available to clients on our wait list. 


If you are a new client payments are made in full at the time of your booking and prior to commencement of lessons. Once received your booking will be confirmed. Existing clients please refer above. We prefer payment by EFT or via Eftpos within the Studio. Payments are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued for classes that are missed or should you change your mind. Any refunds are at the discretion of the Studio.


We have the availability for you to go onto a wait list for your preferred class and time. You will be notified if a place in your preferred class becomes available. Please contact us to be included. We would love to have you join us.​​


Working towards more life work balance and self care, we have introduced set Administration hours to; answer calls, respond the emails and messages/sms/fb. These hours will be:

  • Monday to Friday to

We will do our best to respond promptly. Anything outside of these times will be responded to the following business day.



Its all about hygiene.

  • Mat class please bring a thin yoga mat to lay over the Studio mats. 

  • Reformer clients will need a reformer mat (*available at the Studio)

  • All will be required to wear Pilates grip socks (*available at the Studio)


All current clients have access to our Virtual Library which can be found under the online tab of the website. If you cannot make your floor class during the week you can continue your practice with one of our many pre-recorded lessons. You can also add more lessons to your practice at anytime with these.


EQUIPMENT CLASS - should you be away - This is a good will gesture from us to you.

  • Clients are able to make up missed sessions over the 10 week term due to reasonable circumstances.   

    • 2 Classes per term if you attend 1 class a week

    • 4 Classes per term if you attend 2 classes a week

  • In order to book a make up session, clients must mark themselves as absent no less than 24 hours prior to class. Please bear in mind office administration hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.    

  • It is your responsibility to notify us of your absence in class and book into a make up class.

  • Make up classes are NON transferable to other terms or to casual classes during the holidays.

  • Make up classes will be offered on a date and time set by the Studio and governed by availability.

  • Special extra classes will not be opened up for make up sessions.

  • Once you book yourself as absent you will not be able to change your mind.

  • If a make up lesson is missed or not booked in, then this lesson is forfeited.

  • You cannot change the time of a make up lesson once you have booked in.

  • Obviously there are those unavoidable times where people wake up unwell and we will bear this in mind.

  • If your teacher is unavailable a make up class will be scheduled or refunds may be applied.


Have the conversation. It's that simple. We are very flexible and understand our clients do travel and are happy to accommodate where we can and if practicable.


  • Mobile phones and all electronic devices are to be turned off for the duration of the class. Phones ringing and wrist devices buzzing are highly distracting.

  • Illness. If you are unwell please do not make the rest of us unwell. Notify us of your absence and book for a make up class.

  • For the safety of others, if you come into class and are contagious, you will be asked to leave.

  • No zippers on upholstery please.

  • In order to minimise disruption during classes held at our Studio, we recommend that you;

    • Aim to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time

    • Once the class has commenced we reserve the right to refuse entry into the class.

    • If you need to leave early, please alert your teacher before the class.

  • For hygiene there shoes are not to be worn on the studio floor. They are to be left in the area provided.

  • Client's are responsible for wiping down all equipment after use with  sanitary cleaner provided.



You acknowledge that your instructor may use tactile cueing and adjustment methods, or make physical contact with you for correction purposes in order to ensure that Pilates practice is undertaken in accordance with the Studio best practice. (permission is sought to do so).​ By attending our Studio and participating in our classes or our prerecorded online and live virtual classes you will be performing physical activity which has an inherent risk of personal injury. Participating in any of our classes is undertaken at your own risk. You must inform your the Studio if there are any risks to your health by participating in any of these classes such as, but not limited to,  if you have a pre-existing injury, illness, muscle soreness/discomfort or are pregnant, prior to commencement. Participating in any form of activity at our Studio with a Medical Condition is done entirely at your own risk.​ Please use your own judgement with regards to your body's needs as to the suitability of any of our Studio, prerecorded and live virtual classes that you choose to participate in. We strongly recommended that you discuss with your qualified healthcare provider or doctor about your interest in participating in our Studio, prerecorded and live virtual Pilates classes and whether it would be a good healthcare choice for you. The Studio accepts no liability for any injuries sustained by clients due to participating in the above named  with a known condition and not having sought advice from their qualified healthcare provider.  


I authorise any staff of Pilates 44 Studio in the event of accident or illness, to provide First Aid and to obtain such urgent medical assistance for myself and for this purpose to engage first aiders, ambulance officers, doctors, dentists, nursing assistance or hospital accommodation and in this event agree to pay the said Studio on demand, all such fees (other than fees and expenses recoverable by the Studio under any policy of insurance).

All content made available such as text, photographs/images, logo, audio and digital compilations for our pre-recorded and live virtual classes, website and social media is and remains the property of Pilates 44 Studio.


All clients require an induction in to the Studio from 20 July, 2020. We reserve the right to change, update or reissue these Terms and Conditions at any time.  Any such changes will be posted to our Website and you agree to be bound by such changes.  By reading this you agree to observe our Studio terms and conditions and policies at all times.