Mat & Small Props


Consultation/fitness assessment plus grip socks. Required for  new clients. 

$95.00 (inc gst)


10 week term session. Weekly semi private 4 clients per  on a class fixed day and time.

$275.00 (inc gst)  per term

Joining our mat  and small equipment sessions begins with getting to know you. If you are coming into the Studio for the first time with us you will need to book in for an initial consultation.

Mat-work is a wonderful place to commence Pilates practice in its principle form prior to joining any equipment based sessions. Using our own body resistance and body awareness, can provide us with toning and lengthening of muscles, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination and the body mind connection. With regular Pilates practice, our clients gain improved alignment and posture, develop stronger bodies, they improve breathing patterns, flexibility, balance, coordination, and gain education about mindful movement of their bodies.

You will not only work on traditional mat practice in a highly supervised environment designed around your specific needs, you will also have the opportunity to work with the Pilates Spine Corrector, Franklin Balls, Roller, Oov, Magic Circle and Chi Balls.

Sessions are expertly designed by our Pilates teachers with modifications easily made when necessary. We focus on functional movement working with the biomechanics of the body while incorporating classical sequences and contemporary flows.​ Classes are limited to 4 clients for a more intimate focused experience allowing a greater attention to correct movement and adjustments or modifications that are required.

Our studio is currently at capacity. Please contact us to be placed on our waitlist.



MONDAY: 9.00am | 10.30am 

FRIDAY: 9.15am

Prices are subject to GST as of 1 July 2021.


NDIS Rebates: Our Studio welcomes NDIS clients that are self or plan managed.

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