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Think about it for a few minutes. Personally, I have a HUGE problem with accepting accolades or praise. It makes me want to run for the hill's because I feel that I shouldn't accept it, 'its no big deal' and all of the other 'imposter syndrome' thoughts that come along for the ride, after all isn't that Ego? NOPE. I work hard at my passion and when a dear client gave some feedback from all the way in UK - after sitting on it for a while, I decided that yes, I am sharing this here. Xx

QUOTING A CLIENT: "Your reach and teaching is helping people even further than you realise x.

I wanted to tell you about a man who thought he had Intercostal Neuralgia, based in the UK. He had an accident and needed spinal surgery and surgery on his lungs and he’s always been extremely fit and athletic he’s been trying to go back to the gym and pushing through but he can’t get his lung function back is struggling to breathe.

I have pushed my opinion several times on how much Pilates has helped me, he had left the FB group because he didn’t think he actually had Intercostal Neuralgia. One of the other FB members told me he was struggling. I contacted him about how invaluable my sessions with you are. I told him to find someone qualified to work with him too and sent him your blog post you wrote on Intercostal Neuralgia. He went off in the last week and has found someone to learn Pilates under.

He sent me this message; "I had my first 1.1 Pilates yesterday. It went well. Basic breathing exercises, but felt there is potential to improve my breathing. Thanks for the encouragement." (end quote).

So, this is me saying THANK YOU. xx

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