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So you want to train as a Pilates teacher. We buckle up, because it is not a weekend or 12 week online course.

It is very frustrating that that the word ‘Pilates’ can be slapped onto anything and used by anyone.

With any chosen profession, to gain tertiary based Government Certification takes years, dedication, continued education, and financial investment (all of which by the way allows you to be covered with the necessary insurance to actually teach in the industry).

As a Pilates Professional myself, hours spent training for Comprehensive Certification equated to 1300+ with well over 5000 actual teaching hours to date.

If you are going to pay someone to educate and then Certify you as a Pilates teacher I would be asking some very poignant questions to save disappointment later down the track when you try to gain employment within a qualified Pilates Studio:

  1. Are they an Australian Government Registered Training Organization? (the likes of tertiary education).

  2. Am I required to obtain a USI? (*If you're at university, TAFE or doing other nationally recognized training, you need a USI. Without one, you can't get your qualification or statement of attainment.)

  3. Who insures them to educate and to then ‘certify’ people?

  4. What are their qualifications to educate and certify people within the Pilates industry in Australia?

  5. Are there Australian Government recognized WH&S components within the criteria that is being taught?

  6. Are there theory (closed book) and practical (closed book) examinations?

  7. Do participants know, that if the above is a NO then their certification to teach Pilates will not be recognized by the two governing peek Pilates bodies in Australia - PAA and APMA?

  8. Do participants know their insurance cover could be compromised, something which is necessary to legally teach?

Don't be afraid to ask before you invest. Simply be aware that there is no fast track into the Pilates industry. Above all if this is truly your passion, invest in excellent Gov Recognised Training. Head to PAA or APMA to find out the organizations that offer correct Certification.

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