proving the validity or accuracy; declaring something legally or officially acceptable ; recognition that feelings or opinions are valid.

A word that mans so much to me at the moment. This week I had an appointment with a Neurologist to determine & formally diagnose what type of migraine I live with, up to 2 times a month for nearly a week at a time.

Hormonal, as I had thought. So not much that can be done aside from menopause & management, which I already do. I am very in touch with my Prodrome 'tells' - "Migraine symptoms may begin 1 to 2 days before the headache itself. This is known as the prodrome stage".

For me the can include: Neuropathy in my right fingers and hand, hyperactivity, appetite that wont quit, extreme fatigue & loads of yawning. These are my 'Alarm Bells'.

After an amazing conversation with someone who understood what I was saying to her and who actually spoke to me, not at me. I walked out on cloud nine. So many years having been spent trying to 'prove; they were more than a headache to people who simply couldn't or more so wouldn't, understand.

It is a brain disorder. From the 2nd to 4th day preceding it is like looking through watery goggles. Words don't come easily (so I make my own language up lol), balance isn't 100%, either, hence I practice it like crazy. Its the BRAIN TRYING TO CATCH UP (think of light & sound, one just behind the other).

After a migraine, which is brain trauma, it takes a few days for it to get on board with the eyes trying to focus and the body trying to get on with it.

I am sensitive to light, noise, smell, emotions all the time - something she explained is VERY PRIMATIVE - going back to cave days where it would have been very useful to have highly sensitive members within the tribe.

How cool is that!!!! I am the Tribe Alarm Clock lol.

Don't allow others in make your bodies sensitivities 'invalid'. No-one has that right over us.

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