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Welcome to the committee.

Joining the Pilates Alliance of Australasia committee was about giving a voice to the industry from a regional perspective, to be a part of small changes that over the years become bigger changes & to give back to the Pilates community.

"The PAA would like to welcome our newest member to the PAA Committee, Simmone Cser-Pratzky. Simmone owns Pilates 44 Studio (Pilates 44 Studio), the first fully equipped Pilates Studio in her hometown of Bathurst NSW, and joins the PAA committee to share her experience from a regional perspective."

Simmone owns Pilates 44 Studio, the first fully equipped Pilates Studio in her hometown of Bathurst NSW. For her the Pilates journey was to manage ongoing pain due to a serious horse riding accident & to manage chronic diagnosed panic disorder.


Her initial certified training was with Allan Menezes (PIA), a 3rd generation Pilates instructor, who trained with Alan Herdman in the UK (Carola Trier & Robert Fitzgerald > Joseph Pilates). She holds a Diploma in Comprehensive Pilates Instruction through International educator, Polestar Education Australia & is currently completing her tertiary education for a Bachelor of Exercise Science through Charles Sturt University. Simmone mentors with Polestar Education Australia and holds Professional Level 1 membership with the PAA.

Her teaching has been described as very intuitive & logical. She works alongside local allied health professionals to bring a holistic approach to clients. These collaborations led to the development of a specific & popular Perimenopause Women’s Health Workshop, that is run with local nutritionist – Miriam Rose Natural Health.



Pilates Alliance of Australasia

Pilates 44 Studio

Photo credit: Brannon Jackson Media

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