• Simmone Cser


Take a sneak peek inside our gorgeous Bespoke Pilates Studio. Located in our hometown of Bathurst NSW. We use only the very best Pilates equipment to move your body. Our beautiful Reformer's, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chairs and Ladder Barrel are hand crafted by Pilates Equip. Australia.

The Reformers a wonderfully adjustable with a foot-bar that moves the whole length of the frame to cater for a range of exercises and modifications. They are also longer than other beds leaving plenty of room for our taller clients. The beds are deep memory foam with sheepskin covers on the straps for foot comfort (ankle cuffs can also be placed here for those with foot pain), the neoprene handles allow better hand, grip and therefore shoulder placement. The ride is smooth an quiet.

The Chairs are easily adjustable with generous padding in the seat and handles to assist with extra balance. Our Trapeze Table is fully equipped for all of the amazing movements this piece of equipment offers. The Ladder Barrel is a wide curve making it comfortable to lay the spine over.

We also have Spine Correctors and Pedi Pull by Balanced Body.

Our Studio offers our client's only the very best.

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