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Simmone Cser-Pratzky

Simmone is the Owner & manager of Pilates 44 Studio, a Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) registered and approved Studio.  Prior to completing her Diploma in Comprehensive Pilates Instruction with Polestar Pilates Education, Simmone initially certified with Allan Menezes (Pilates Institute of Australasia) who is a 3rd generation Pilates teacher that trained in the UK under Allan Herdman. 


- Diploma in Comprehensive Pilates Instruction - 10828NAT.

- Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science with Charles Sturt University (current).

- Mentor for Polestar Pilates Education Australia.

- Health and Exercise for Menopause™ Mat - The Centre for Women's Fitness.

- Support your floor™ – Pelvic Health Training - The Centre for Women's Fitness.

- Ordinary Member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia Committee.

- Level 1 Professional Membership with the PAA.

- Student member with ESSA (Exercise & Sport Science Australia).

Simmone developed the Women's Health Workshop for Perimenopause, a PAA approved PDP workshop that is co-presented with guest speaker Miriam Rose Natural Health. . She has a profound interest in women's health, specifically perimenopause and exercise for breast cancer recovery. Her teaching style is highly intuitive, based soundly in biomechanics and human movement. She has empathy and first hand knowledge about pain management for chronic migraine, neck injury and diagnosed panic disorder.

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Penny Hundy

Penny is a mat and reformer teacher at Pilates 44 Studio, holding a Bachelor of Business Management with CSU and a sheep & cattle farmer in central western NSW. 


- Complete Pilates Mat-work – Polestar Pilates Education Australia.

- Ultimate Reformer Series - Polestar Pilates Education Australia.

- Bachelor of Business Management with CSU - Quality Systems Management and HR.

- Resetting the Trapeze Table – Body Organics Education (current).

- Group Membership with the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA)

Penny & her family also run a sheep & cattle farm in central western NSW. Her interest in Pilates began in 2018, as she sought a means to manage back pain from a lumbar disc injury. Penny started Pilates with Simmone and was fascinated by how much is involved in the method, and how Pilates can bring awareness to the body as well as relief and management of pain through focusing on muscle development to better support the joints of the skeletal system.

She went on to study with Polestar Education Australia and has been teaching at Pilates 44 Studio since January 2021. Penny’s teaching style is thoughtful with first hand knowledge about managing pain, and coming back to movement from knee injury and lower back pathology.

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If you would like to learn more about Pilates contact our Studio. We look forward to chatting.

0418 670 020

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