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Pilates 44 Studio and Miriam Rose Natural Health combined their shared passions and specialities for women's health into our wonderful  workshops.

Our personable workshops are limited to 6 participants to ensure a feeling of being safe to share your unique experience and learn from others. 


WOMEN'S HEALTH FOR PERIMENOPASUE - we aim to give you information and tools that may assist you, or your client, as the body navigates the stage of Perimenopause.  Suitable for all women going through each stage of Perimenopause, from very early to very late/early Menopause, and is approved by the Pilates Association Australia (PAA) for 4 PDP/CEC points if you are a Pilates teacher & PAA member.

WOMEN'S HEALTH FOR SENESCENCE - designed specifically for women that are post 70 years of age. It is even more important to understand how to care for yourself physically and mentally as we age and care for ageing parents or partners. Understanding nutrition and exercise at this stage of life to not only support overall well-being, but also if you are a carer is so important.

If you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful workshop or wish to participate, we would love to connect. To register please contact; 

Phone: 0418 670 020


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