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Our Perimenopause workshop came to life through clients sharing stories about how their body's just felt different as they aged. Increased joint pain, lethargy, insomnia, memory difficulties , brain fog, migraine, poor balance, skin changes, perceived muscle loss and a decline in motor skills. Many had been experiencing symptoms for years, or were simply noticing more intensity in their symptom's.


March 2nd, 2024 (FULL)

June 8th, 2024

October 19th, 2024

TIME: 4 hours. 9am to 1pm

WORKSHOP PRICE: $180.00 (inc gst) per person with a limit of 6 participants.

Industry Approved by Pilates Association Australia (PAA) for 4 PDPs.

If you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful workshop or wish to participate, we would love to connect. To register please contact;
Phone: 0418 670 020

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"Most women don't realise that the stage of PERIMENOPAUSE, can be more difficult to navigate than menopause."


Pilates 44 Studio and Miriam Rose Natural Health combined their shared passions and specialities for women's health into this AMAZING 4 hour workshop. We aim to give you information and tools that may assist you, or your client, as the body navigates the stage of PERIMENOPAUSE.  Our personable workshop is limited to 6 participants to ensure a feeling of being safe to share your unique experience and learn from others. It is aimed toward all women going through each stage of Perimenopause, from very early to very late/early Menopause, and is approved by the Pilates Association Australia (PAA) for 4 PDP/CEC points if you are a Pilates teacher & PAA member.

Topics that we cover during the workshop include;

  • What is Perimenopause

  • Debunking the Stigma 

  • Pelvic Floor Health

  • Exercise for Mental Health

  • Exercise for Bone Health

  • Exercise for Muscle Health

  • Hormonal changes

  • Nutritional support

  • What is Insulin resistance

  • Physical material to take with you including a copy of The Hormone Repair Manual by Lara Briden.

  • Movement session.



  • Owner - Pilates 44 Studio.

  • Diploma in Comprehensive Pilates Instruction RTO 91620.

  • Bachelor in Exercise & Sport Science - CSU current.

  • The Centre for Women's Fitness Health and Exercise for Menopause™ Mat.

  • The Centre for Women's Fitness Support Your Floor™ Pelvic Health Training.

  • Pilates Association Australia Professional Member & former Committee Member.

  • Mentor for Polestar Pilates Education RTO 91620.

  • AUSactive Member Professional Level 3 Pilates Method Teacher.


  • Owner - Miriam Rose Natural Health.

  • Diploma Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine).

  • Bachelor Health Sciences (Naturopathy).

  • Master of Human Nutrition.

  • Registered as a practitioner with Australian Natural Therapists Association.

  • Registered as a practitioner with the Nutrition Society of Australia.


50% Refund of booking - provided cancellations are no later then 14 days from the event.


If you would like to learn more about participating in this workshop, contact our Studio. We look forward to chatting.

0418 670 020

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