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Becoming a qualified Pilates teacher is one of the biggest investments financially, mentally and physically that you will undertake in your Pilates career. Our Studio welcomes students completing Pilates training through all  RTO courses recognised by the Pilates Association Australia.


Private 1.1 Mentoring

1.1 Time for you to work on your skills as a teacher in preparation for your exams along with any signing required mentor hours. We suggest students be organised to gain the most from your hour session. $150 p/h (inc gst) OR $550 (inc gst) for a 5 session pack.


Study Groups

These groups are run over 3 hours and can be shared with a maximum of 6 students, Students will gain 3 hours in their log books along with any achieved mentor sign offs. require minimum of 4. $85 (inc gst) per student. 


Logbook Hours

Observation and self mastery are where you will learn and cement your skills. Depending on which course you are completing, we encourage apprentice teaching after you have completed either SR6, Mat 3 or Reformer 3, 

Learning is an autonomous process.  It is expected that you will organise and drive your learning. Our qualified teachers are here to facilitate your learning by providing feedback, a space for you to teach and observe and classes for you to attend for self mastery. Our Studio sessions have set days and times. They are semi private (1.3 or 1.4) All studio equipment and mat. We also work in a private 1.1 Studio setting. Students should contact the Studio directly at least 1 week prior in order to organize your preferred day and time. 

Important: Students undertaking observation, self mastery and apprentice teaching will need to either, undertake paid mentoring sessions with us, which can be 1.1 or shared by 2 students at a time, or organise a study group. If places are available, book into 1 paid class a week per term.


Why do we only work with RTO course students?  As the Pilates industry is not regulated, there are many Pilates teacher training courses available. Whilst it may be tempting to gain a certification over a weekend and at less financial investment, in the end you will not come away with a Nationally Recognised Certification or the skills that are required to work with clients in a safe and knowledge based setting. We suggest consulting with the Pilates Association Australia for a list of current RTO Pilates Teacher Training courses and affiliated courses.

Why do we value mentoring student teachers? When completing my Pilates teacher training the struggle to find a mentor that was local to me in the regions was real. Becoming a qualified mentor with Polestar education was a chance to give other regional students access to support, whilst completing industry recognised Pilates certifications. Our Studio is so very proud to be able to facilitate student teacher learning with guidance in a knowledgeable, fully equipped and safe space.​


Mentoring Pilates 44 Studio

C. Scurr

"Simmone is an excellent mentor for Polestar Pilates education. She has an amazing understanding of the body, and her no fuss practical approach to teaching makes learning approachable!" 
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