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Studio Private 1.1

Personalised private 1.1 session that is tailored to meet your needs where ever you are at. Ideal for post rehab or in conjunction with your allied health service. 55 minutes. Prices include gst

Casual $150. 6 Lessons $840. 


Studio Semi Private 1.3

A Private Session with a Passenger. These sessions are tailored to meet your needs, while working alongside two other clients.  

55 minutes. Prices include gst.

 6 Lessons $342. minimum 6  1.1 sessions prior to joining.


Reformer & Tower 1.3

Pilates reformer along with the Pilates trapeze table. Added use of the machine springs challenge and support movements. 55 minutes. Prices include gst. 10 week term $450. minimum two 1.1 sessions prior to joining. 


Apparatus & Mat 1.4

Classical mat with a contemporary component. As in everyday movement, the primary resistance is gravity. Props and apparatus challenge and support movements. 55 minutes. Prices include gst. 10 week term $350.


Small Group Mat 1.6

These sessions are open level for those without any current acute injury and are limited to 6 per class. Classical mat with a contemporary component . Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5pm.


Mentoring & Study Groups

1.1 Student Mentoring $150 per hour. Ideal for individual mentor signs offs and clarifying learning.

1.6 Study Groups run over 3 hours, $85 p/p (min of 4) Ideal for mentor signs offs and clarifying learning in a shared group


Pilates 44 Studio Bathurst NSW

B. Peterson

"This Pilates Studio is amazing, especially if you're recovering from an injury. Specialised attention has meant that I have been able to recover from recurring/ongoing injuries."
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