A workshop of movement & nutrition designed for the changing female body through the stages of Perimenopause. From symptom management, greater understanding to movement & nutrition. Run by Pilates 44 Studio & Miriam Rose Natural Health.

An almost forgotten and very important stage of coming into menopause. Perimenopause generally begins within the mid 40's and can span up to 10  year's with symptoms ranging greatly including; lethargy, insomnia, migraine headaches, aching joints, forgetfulness, lack of spatial awareness (left and right is a good example), brain fog and vagueness, anxiety and depression, weight changes, appetite changes, changes in the body's senses - taste and smell in particular.


"Ready for a major reorganisation of your brain? Buckle up, because that's what's going to happen. According to the latest research, the brain undergoes massive rewiring during perimenopause and the forst few years of menopause, and that reclibration process is the origin of many symptoms of perimenopause." (Briden, 2021, p.159).

Join us for what will be a fun and eye opening learning experience. Participants will also receive a copy of the very popular book by re-known Naturopath Lara Bridan "The Hormone Repair Manual".

50% Refund of booking - provided cancellations are no later then 14 days from the event.


Briden, L. (2021). Hormone Repair Manual. Macmillan.

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If you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful workshop or wish to participate, we would love to connect.

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